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Atkins Criticism

Atkins Criticism

The Atkins diet is very popular, but it also comes with a lot of criticism. Health experts, doctors and diet specialists come from all other opinions when it comes to the Atkins diet and other low carb diets. Some believe that it is dangerous, some say that rightful is a healthy method to lose weight and others say that it works on a short - term basis.

However, there are also thousands of individuals who have found flying colors cover the Atkins diet. They can speak from personal experience and know that the diet works and it is an effective means of keeping weight off. There are thousands of testimonials that tout the benefits of the low carb way of breathing.

There are many average criticisms of the Atkins diet. One of the first is that the diet it too high in fat. The butter, oil and fatty meats that are used in the Atkins diet are a far cry from the low - fat diet fad that recently swept the nation. For many people, the low fat mindset has prevailed and they cannot fathom eating real butter or cream with their meals. It seems like too much fat at first glance. However, those that pay close attention to Dr. Atkins guidelines and follow the program closely know that the diet focuses on good fats. Extra virgin olive oil and other helpful fats are emphasized. The proper use of these oils is important to brain business and mood management.

Another popular Atkins criticism is that it focuses too much on food and not enough on exercise. This is an immoral claim because the Atkins books clearly spell out a need for exercise. There is a lot of attention paid to food choices due to they are an integral part of the program, and they are different foods than what people are normally used to eating. However, this does not mean that exercise is not an integral part of the Atkins program. Aerobic and anaerobic exercise regimens are encouraged, and both will greatly increase your weight loss efforts.

Many Atkins critics feel that the diet is hard too keep up in the long term. Critics in this category will admit that Atkins is wicked in short - term weight dying efforts, but point out that the lifestyle is hard to maintain considering time. However, people who have had long term success with Atkins claim undeniable is one of the easiest diets to replace for significant periods of time. The Atkins plan has rich food that is forbidden on other programs, and it has appetite - suppressing effects. When you combine this with the quick weight loss, a motivating factor for many nation, Atkins is easy to stick to long name.

The side effects of Atkins, like constipation and bad breath, have also been a topic that Atkins critics are quick to point out. However, these side effects are not through common as critics make them out to be. If they do occur, the side effects normal only last through the first phase of the diet. Additionally, drinking additional water will normally take dismay of both problems rather quickly.

There are pros and cons to many diets. If you donít particularly enjoy preparing and eating meat, then Atkins is current not for you. But if you are considering Atkins, make sure to look beyond the common criticisms for the veracity about the diet.




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